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Nearly eleven million Cambodians live on less than $2 a day. Only 57% of Cambodian children reach Grade 5. Cambodia’s malnutrition rates are among the highest in Southeast Asia. Over 70% of urban dwellers live in slums.

It’s easy to get bogged down in the noise of sobering statistics. They raise the obvious question: Where do we begin? Or as Mother Theresa put it, "If I look at the mass I will never act. If I look at the one, I will."

CCF doesn’t endeavor to touch a large percentage of the population - but we are determined to change the lives of a significant number of children and families with comprehensive programs that ensure positive social change. By providing healthcare, education, job training and leadership development, we're placing the responsibility of capacity building into the hands of the children in our care. Our greatest hope is that they'll enter Cambodian society with the foundation to become progressive leaders and spokespeople with the skills, confidence and integrity to help their own families and communities in an active way no other generation has before. Click here to see the videos.

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