A Pathway to Employment and Independent Living

The Career and Life Skills Program is designed to enable young adults to complete tertiary
education or vocational education and earn the skills needed to obtain and maintain gainful employment and independence.

CCF aims to provide all students with a university education, but university isn’t for everyone. For students who do not want to study at university and those who do not qualify, including students who arrived at CCF too late to make the grade for university, we offer vocational training.


The program aims to channel students into their area of interest, so that the career they choose best suits their personality. The skills they learn will set them up to become self-sufficient and independent.

This component of CCF’s programming is invaluable for older children who have come to CCF with limited schooling, as they are unlikely to finish high school and proceed to higher studies. Our approach is ambitious, starting with self-esteem building and personal management, and culminating with training in work areas that are relevant to Cambodia.

CCF uses it’s own programs and offices to give students real world training.

Students have a number of vocational training options, including hospitality (front of house), hospitality (cooking), media and film training (through CCF’s in-house film production unit), business skills, administration and social work. In tandem with skills training, CCF also offers general educational courses in English and Khmer.

CCF also partners with other NGO’s working in Cambodia to give students a wider offering of vocational training courses. In 2017, 33 students were enrolled in vocational training, 89 were placed in internships during the year and 58 university graduates found full-time employment.

"The Career and Life Skills team work with more than 100 businesses in Cambodia to find employment and internship opportunities for CCF graduates."


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