World Housing Gifts New Homes to CCF Families

Nov. 12, 2013 – For Chan, a widowed mother of two, her new home is almost unbelievable.

“I never dreamed I could live in such a wonderful house,” she said through a translator. “Before I had to rent a small place I knew was not safe for my kids.”

Five families received brand-new homes this week. Soon, hundreds of people in the Steung Meanchey community will have similar places to call their own. The sturdily built homes come with a downstairs kitchen, access to a restroom and provides a secure, healthy place for families to live. Such things were once unattainable.

The life-changing homes were made possible by World Housing, a social venture inspired by the TOMS Shoes one-for-one model. For every condominium sold by a real estate partner of Canada-based WorldHousing, they’ll provide a home for an impoverished family at their project sites in the Philippines, Mexico and Cambodia. As production ramps up in Cambodia, more than 20 homes will be constructed monthly for families at Cambodian Children’s Fund.

To commemorate the launch of the project in Cambodia, World Housing staff and their international partners came out to the village to see their gifts in action. It was an emotional night, with families telling their stories and sharing what life used to be like. It was also a joyful time, as parents happily received keys to their new homes and later invited visitors inside to share some tea and Cambodian sweets.

“You have our promise that this is the start of many more homes to come,” said Pete Dupuis, who co-founded World Housing with Sid Landolt. Both work in the luxury and hotel real estate industry.

Scott Neeson, founder and executive director of CCF, said that these homes are places that families want to live in by choice, rather than have to live in.

Residents agreed that living in their old homes was difficult. Nary was in tears when she saw the new home and talked about growing up as an orphan with no access to education. Now, she’s committed to having her five children stay in school and was extremely grateful for the house.

“We will have a much better life [in this new home],” she said, wiping away tears. “My kids will have a proper place to stay.”

Find out more about World Housing and their mission.


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