At Cambodian Children’s Fund, we encourage students to take on leadership roles within the community. Some of our top students work in the classroom to supplement the education of their classmates. One of our teaching aides talks about what she does in the classroom and why she enjoys it so much.

My name is Leak and I am almost 17 years old. I study a lot for my next academic year- grade 12 – and teach my friends at CCF and public school to succeed in their studies.

From Monday to Friday, I teach subjects such as Khmer, math, physics, chemistry, biology, and English in two separate classes. Every Sunday, I teach community students from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. My teaching method is let them do it first to test their ability, make sure they understand the overall meaning of the lessons clearly and then have them do the exercises by themselves.

If they cannot do it, they have to research more and ask me questions after they have tried their best so they can learn from their weaknesses with me. This is also the way I learn, as I do more research and do many exercises first before I can explain or answer their questions. Sometimes I need to ask the teachers if I could not answer or explain them by promising to let them know by tomorrow. Normally after finishing my teaching classes, I study for 30 minutes to one more hour before I go to bed.

My objective of teaching is to help the students pass grade 12 and the national exams. From this teaching, I get a lot of benefits such as learning for myself and developing people skills that let me know how to teach with different types of students. Moreover, one thing that makes me really happy is when I achieve what I have planned and my students or friends improve a lot. I like seeing them happy with their studies, and that they can do the exercises with confidence.

Finally, I want to say that nothing can make me happier than helping someone. When you see the people that you help succeed, you feel happy like them. That is who I am. And I think that everyone should try to help each other. By doing this, you can build up your communication skills. Also I believe that everyone will respect you. You will be more flexible in doing things. And sometimes, your student is the real teacher of you. Thanks for trying to help each other. And I hope you understand what I have written after you follow what I have told. You will happy when you see someone that you try to help succeed.


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