Vitamins – Sharing the Gift of Health

Children’s vitamins are a critical component of our Daycare program, and on February 22nd over 600 welcome bottles – more than a year’s supply of individual chewable vitamins – were personally delivered to us from our young friends at the Tanglin Trust School in Singapore. Through the gracious efforts of CCF sponsors Andrea Heginbottoms, Caroline Ryan, Liz Reynolds and others, the Tanglin Trust School has been coordinating annual drives since 2008 to supply our Daycare not only with children’s vitamins, but also with gently-used shoes and rain slickers. This year we had three classes at the Tanglin Trust School supporting the annual vitamin drive to benefit CCF.

These children’s vitamins are not a health-enhancing extra, as they can be in more developed countries. In this ‘food deficit’ country, vitamins play a real and increasingly important part in restoring the health of children who are underfed and have mineral deficiencies.

We’ve been privileged to have the Tanglin Trust School kids helping our kids – together we’ve witnessed a tremendous year of healthy growth and development for our students.

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