US Ambassador Carol Rodley Visits CCF

It was a good day at CCF’s Community Centre, CCF5, when US Ambassador Carol Rodley came to visit. Callers for medical treatment and advice were being steadily processed while safe, fresh water being bottled for later delivery to needful households in the local community. Customers for the subsidized rice purchase program came and went and the satellite school geared up for its next round of classes. Expectant mothers arrived to register or ask about the maternal care program and the new nursery echoed to the occasional wail of a reluctant bather. All the while the 70 day-care tinies, alight with their usual enthusiasm for visitors and anything out of the ordinary, were eager bundles of well-cleaned energy, just waiting for whatever was going to happen, to happen.

And when it did their joy was boundless. ‘Hello Mama!’ was their rather surprising cry as they engulfed the Ambassador and her party, itself accompanied and guided by Noeurn, CCF’s Country Manager. The children’s smiles and waves and chatter provided a constant background as Ambassador Rodley, no stranger to CCF5, toured the facility, paying special attention to the recently opened nursery in which she saw now flourishing babies, a world away from the condition they were in when they first came to CCF’s attention. The newest development, a brand new, standalone medical centre, which is currently under construction. In a very short time this centre will give CCF’s vital and unique medical support program a major boost.

Ambassador Rodley herself enhanced the Community Centre’s healthcare impact when, on behalf of the people of the United States, she presented CCF with 1000 mosquito nets. Their gift is not only enormously useful but enormously timely. According to Cambodia’s Ministry of Health more than 60,000 malaria cases were recorded in the first 9 months of this year, almost double the number for the same period in 2008. At the same time a malarial parasite is emerging in western Cambodia which appears to be resistant to the most effective current treatment. The best way to protect against malaria is to ensure that the malaria-bearing mosquito gets no chance to land, attack and infect. The net, especially when insecticide-impregnated, remains the best defence. Thousands of local people within CCF’s caring ambit will now have better protection against this scourge and every mother on the maternal care program will find such a net in the Welcome Baby pack which CCF will provide on her return home after giving birth.

When it came time to go, the Ambassador made clear her admiration for CCF and its work, declaring roundly that it is clearly doing ‘a great job.’ She left to a renewed surge of cheering and waving from her 70 daycare admirers, each and all of whom will share CCF’s delight on any return visit she ever cares to make

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