Transformation Tuesday: Song

“I was often sad when I was a little boy. My family were always moving all over Cambodia, trying to make money. My parents sold vegetables but didn’t earn enough to feed our big family. There were 8 of us, until my older brother got sick and died. I would make friends and have fun with them, but then we had to move and I’d never see them again. Things at home were difficult too.

“Life kept getting worse. Finally there were 7 of us living in a small tent in wasteland in Phnom Penh. We didn’t have enough to eat. Scott from CCF found our family there. He helped us and I started to study with them. It’s hard to say how much my life was changed by that. I had many friends and lots of fun. I got the chance to study for the first time.

“Now I am in a job I love. I am an intern doing film and photography at CCF. I think it is an important job because I look at other countries and see they have good film industries. I want to help Cambodia have one too. I hope it means I can get a good job in the future. I want to help my family, earn some money to give them a better life and a better home, not like the ones we lived in when things were bad.”


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