Three Teachers Inspiring in the Classroom

For the past 16 months, the Teacher of the Month awards have been a source of pride and aspiration for the teachers in our schools. The education program is the backbone of everything we do, and the gains we’ve made in the past decade wouldn’t be responsible without the teachers. The Teacher of the Month awards, selected by leaders of our education team, is a way to say thanks and highlight the work of some very talented teachers.

A Knowledgeable English Teacher

Kheng Vichet has tremendous initiative, a desire to continue to learn, and a reflective practitioner outlook. Our Education Team notices his knowledge of the subject. He has willingness to take suggestions, modify lessons, and experiment with new strategies.

Vichet has effectively applied information technology in his classroom by allowing the students to access the internet for self-assessment. With the variety of teaching techniques and using students centre approach, he lets the students to perform the tasks efficiently within pair works, group work, and individual work. Because of his creativity and enthusiasm in teaching, students have responded positively to his lesson and led to get the good result by achieving all the objectives of the lesson. He has managed his classroom properly which enables to help and works with the struggling students, and they all actively involved in the class activities.

He has the potential to become a very effective teacher. His dependability, planning skills, and communication with students are all part of his strengths. He has carried out his responsibilities in a responsible manner and consistently asked to participate in organizing some events for our students. He has been well-prepared, and he also hashigh self-confidence which leads him to run and facilitate the class smoothly.

Additionally, Vichet always is a team player by sharing and helping among the teachers as well as other staff and kids. He has strong commitment to work hard and build our students to be tomorrow leaders. Education teams are proud of him because he is good role model for our kids.

Connecting in the Classroom

Teacher Sary Nymalin is a very creative teacher who has used a lot of attractive teaching techniques to attract her students’ attention to her lessons. All of her students feel so warm to start the lessons with her. Moreover, she could mix two techniques together, for example, counting English numbers and singing English songs, and as a result, her students are able to learn and catch up new things very fast.

She is very skillful in teaching young children by using posters, flashcards, pictures, and other colorful learning and teaching materials for making her students feel happy to study with her. And with the connection from one technique to another, she has made her lesson so wonderful and enjoyable.

Beside this, she could make simple lesson to be the special lesson for her students to learn and practice. And especially, she always checks her students’ understanding by using a lot of funny and happy games and quiz.

As a result, with her clear learning intention, she has produced a lot of variety of learning activities that match so well with her lesson objectives, and especially, she always uses a student-centered learning approach.

Creating a Happy Classroom

Chorn Sreynet is an excellent teacher who is very skillful in teaching English to our CCF5 students, particularly the youngest children. Importantly, she has used a lot of excellent teaching techniques for inspiring her students to deeply involve themselves in her lessons. She is really very creative in starting her lessons with very warm teaching techniques. All of her students feel very excited to start the lesson together.

More and more excellent, she is not only very creative, but she is also very flexible in teaching her students. And clearly know about her students’ abilities in learning English, she has mixed a lot of wonderful teaching techniques together in order to help all of students both poor and outstanding students to be able to catch the lessons well together.

More and more excitingly, she has integrated ICT into her English lessons, and especially with a lot of variety of teaching integration, she has made her lessons become so modern, and so the students feel very powerful to learn and explore more about the technologies of the world. And so a good connection between ICT and English Teaching has been linked so well in her class.

And as an excellent result, all of her students have improved their English learning abilities, and her classroom is full of fun, happy, and exciting learning environment. And with a lot of creative idea in decoration, her classroom has become one of excellent classroom for our CCF, which is a really excellent achievement story

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