The Prem Rawat Foundation Continues its support for CCF

CCF is thrilled to announce that The Prem Rawat Foundation has renewed their commitment to our nutrition program with a grant of $20,000 for 2009. The goal of the grant is to improve the health of the children and families in our care through complete and adequate nutrition and free access to clean water.

An estimated 45% of Cambodia’s children suffer from malnutrition, and with the help of generous donors like The Prem Rawat Foundation, we are able to counter this crippling problem. Each day, the 464 children in our care receive three complete meals and nutritious snacks, which allow them to gain weight, build their immune systems and focus on the rigor of classroom activities.

Our subsidized rice distribution scheme is the lynchpin of our community food assistance program. Families who would otherwise be unable to afford the high cost of rice can buy this staple food through CCF at a fraction of market prices. Prices are pegged at pre-inflation rates of January 2008. Through this weekly distribution process, an average of 660 people are able to afford sufficient rice, keeping families healthy and together. CCF also distributes nutritionally-enhanced bread made fresh daily from our Star Bakery, which feeds 2,400 children and adults each week. Our Community Center is home to an evening café featuring subsidized meals and a place for local families to gather.

CCF’s water program was introduced as a counter to the high child mortality rate, with the lack of affordable clean water accounting for an estimated 87% of serious illnesses. All families have 20 gallon container that can be refilled 7 days a week, at no cost. Water delivery is made to the sick and incapacitated. (see:

Cambodia, along with the majority of the developing world, is sliding toward a new famine. Within this context, the Cambodian Children’s Fund serves one of the most impoverished and deprived populations in the world. The Prem Rawat Foundation grant provides our community with an assurance that their basic food requirements will continue to be met. With so many ambitious plans to save the world, the beauty of Prem Rawat’s work is in its simplicity: feed the impoverished. We extend our gratitude to The Prem Rawat Foundation for investing in this life-saving work

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