Teachers of the Month Innovate Classrooms

Allowing children to thrive is one of the goals at Cambodian Children’s Fund. We have the same philosophy when it comes to teachers. Educators are given helpful tools, such as a resource room to share ideas and work on lesson plans. They’re also encouraged to experiment with different methods and to share the results with colleagues.

This approach has paid dividends in the classroom, and two teachers were selected by the education team as the May teachers of the month. The award is made for, “innovation, new ideas and thoughtful use of resources in the classroom which engage, stimulate and benefit the students.” Here’s why Oung Leakhena and SamSrey Leakhena were selected, with comments from the leaders of the education team.

Oung Leakhena

Teacher Oung Leakhena is a very skillful and well-prepared teacher who uses a range of teaching techniques and a lot of good, creative and exciting ideas in her classroom. These skills and ideas have always made both her teaching and her students’ learning very compatible with each other. She always tries her best to link her teaching techniques with the abilities of her students so her lessons are easy and interesting for the students.

In spite of a very difficult and challenging classroom environment at a satellite school, she is so creative and skillful in encouraging all students to actively work in small groups and big groups as well as work in pairs.

She plans her lessons very well so there is always a strong connection from one step to the next step in the lesson, as well as from one activity to another making the progress of lessons enjoyable and interesting for her students. This attention to the details of her lessons makes students excited about learning and it has helped to make the learning environment so fresh and colorful.

SamSrey Leakhena

SamSrey Leakhena, is a high calibre and dynamic teacher. She has used her impressive teaching techniques and practical methodology to encourage the students to flourish in their study of English. This has resulted in a high quality of student learning.

Leakhena has enforced classroom rules and uses good classroom management to establish a supportive learning environment within her classroom. Her students are participative and happily involved in activities during the entire lesson.

She shows consistent commitment, initiative, support and enthusiastic motivation to ensure her students reach their potential.

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