Teacher Srey Leakhena Brings Technology to the Classroom

CCF aims to provide the best education possible, and we couldn’t do it without our teachers. That’s why every month we honor their hard work by naming a “teacher of the month.” The award is determined by senior members of the education team, while also taking into account nominations from facility managers and staff. Congralations this month to teacher Sam Sreylakhena.

Information technology (ICT) is an effective tool for teaching and learning. Sreylakhena has used a wide range of ICT with her students. She posts work on the Internet for students to navigate and complete. By doing this, students have an opportunity to work together using online documents.

Sreylakhena has created a positive learning environment for her students ensuring that they are engaged in every activity. Sreylakhena and students interact very well during lessons and this encourages active learning. They have many opportunities during her lessons to work in groups to complete the set tasks. Their use of ICT encourages them to be creative and critical learners and to improve their reading and writing skills.

Being thoughtful, dynamic and positive, Leakhena is an effective and creative teacher who uses technology to provide active learning opportunities in her classroom.


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