Suisse Bankers Make a Mark on CCF

The knives were out for 22 Credit Suisse personnel when they came from Hong Kong to visit and work with CCF. The blades were not, however, wielded by politicians or journalists but by CCF dancers, enacting the mythical night battle between Monkeys and Giants in a thank-you performance staged at the end of the visitors’ 2 day work stint in which they brought colour and life to the previously blank walls of CCF’s newly built satellite school at Toul Ampil.

Once a basic construction of wooden posts and hardboard partitions, a generous and much appreciated Credit Suisse donation had transformed the school into a 3 classroom complex with all the supporting elements, including a computer lab, needed to create a fitting base for education in an impoverished village hard by the edge of the old dump.

Not content with simply providing the funding, volunteers from Credit Suisse Hong Kong made the trip to Cambodia, not just to find out about CCF and get to know the reality on the ground, but to ensure that the school was as good as it could be and to supply the necessary effort in person.

Solid teamwork, imagination and energy combined with equally enthusiastic input from CCF students to bring about a major transformation in a matter of hours. The finale of the visit was an evening performance of traditional dance and music staged by CCF students, with the vigorous and demanding Monkey Dance at its heart. When the formal show ended another began, this time an informal hour of fun and even more dancing – but this time without the knives.

For CCF, the freshly painted school walls will be a constant reminder of the donation and the workforce behind it. But what did the visitors get out of it? It’s probably best to leave the last words with them.

“Overall a fantastic trip to a very committed organization; you can really see they make a difference…. Difficult to name a highlight but for me one of them would be the students’ performance and dancing with the kids thereafter.”

“In a nutshell: It was a “wow” trip. An eye-opener. Inspiring..”

“The holistic approach which includes nursery, maternal care, free medical services, opportunities to learn a job for the young adults and earning opportunities for parents etc.”

“ … a very rewarding trip, a life changing experience

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