Stories of the Month: Day Care Drop In, Women’s Day and Education Update

Welcome back to our roundup of what’s been happening at CCF over the past month.

In this edition:

  • New Daycare Drop In Centre Now Open

  • Child Protection Unit Arrests International Criminal

  • International Women’s Day Celebrations

  • Happy Birthday Scott

  • Education News – Think Global, Make Local

  • Volunteer snapshot: Meet Mike


New Daycare Drop In Centre Now Open

In Steung Meanchey, young children often get left alone or placed in dangerous situations as their parents head into the city to scavenge for recyclable materials.

Our new daycare drop in centre will make sure CCF mothers and fathers have a safe place to drop off their young ones before they go to work. At the drop in centre, these children – often suffering from malnutrition and other health issues – receive the essential care and nutrition they need to grow and develop into healthy young adults.

We celebrated the opening in style with lots of adorable performances by the daycare kids, and a tour of the new centre.

We’ll bring you more stories and videos from the drop in centre after Khmer New Year – keep posted!


Child Protection Unit Arrests International Criminal

Congratulations to our Child Protection Unit (CPU) for capturing serial pedophile Pieter Ceulen in Phnom Penh earlier this month.

Ceulen was sentenced in Belgium in January to 19 years in prison after prosecutors presented evidence that he sexually abused children in the Philippines and Cambodia, but instead fled to Cambodia to escape the jail sentence.

Thank you to all parties involved in this task force, including the CPU, the provincial and national anti-human trafficking police and the judicial police.

Read the full article on our website here:


International Women’s Day Celebrations

This month, CCF students and staff celebrated International Women’s Day and – during the celebration – learned more about gender equality. At the event, Sponsorship Program Manager Janet spoke to CCF students about the importance of celebrating this special day.

“(International Women’s Day is) to remember the times in our family lives, in our community, in this country and throughout the world, when we, women and girls were not given equal rights,” said Janet.

“We could not vote, we had no access to Education, we could not find work, we had no voice and we were not respected.”

“So let us remember how far we have come and be grateful and give thanks to those women and girls who have fought for us.”

CCF student Chhuyhour – who attended the celebrations – said that it is important for women or girls to have the same rights as men.

“For me women’s day is special day because I can show my classmates (boys) that I can do what they can. Female leaders are just as important as male leaders because they know how to motivate or push them to be more brave and active.”

Happy Women’s Day to everyone at CCF!


Happy Birthday Scott

It’s been (another) big few weeks for our founder Scott Neeson. Not only was he announced as the winner of this year’s Variety International Children’s Fund Humanitarian Award, a huge honour, but it was also his birthday!

We threw a surprise birthday party at our community centre – there was singing, dancing and enough handmade cards to put Hallmark out of business. It’ll take until his next birthday to read them all – Happy Birthday, Scott!

And if you want to know more about the Award, read here:


Education News – ‘Think Global, Make Local’

With construction for the Neeson Cripps Academy progressing quickly, CCF students and staff are getting ready for the new building by immersing themselves in STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) education.

CCF1 student Sina and CCF teacher Sophal recently participated in the ‘Think Global Make Local’ product development course run by ArcHub PNH, which focussed on 3D design and product development training.

CCF1 student Sina said, “This subject has provided me the ideas of the innovation of each generation and given me ideas to create new products.”

“The coding is very interesting. It is a bit complicated but the harder it gets, the more interesting it is.”

Teacher Sophal – who is now teaching 3D design at CCF – said he learned many things from this course.

“We were taught how to transform our design ideas into something real… What can we do with the things that we make, how long do we need? How much does it cost? Is it safe or not? Does it affect the health and environment?”

Congratulations on completing the course, Sina and Sophal. We are very proud of you!


Volunteer snapshot: Mike

Meet Mike. Mike has been working closely with the finance team to select and implement a new and more effective finance system.

Mike will be based at CCF for just over three months and continue to help CCF as project manager back from the UK until he comes back for the ‘go live’ stage.

“The finance department staff have been really helpful in showing me what they do here. I think I have a reasonable understanding of the challenges and what they want out of the new system,” said Mike.

Mike brings to the volunteer role extensive experience and skills as an accountant. He has worked in the university sector for 30 years, and – since retiring over a year ago – Mike and his wife have travelled the world and undertaken several volunteer projects.

“I’m very excited to be doing this project. I’ve had a very positive welcome to CCF and this is a project I wanted to do, and a project that I am experienced in and have the skills for. It was just too tempting to not apply for.”

Thanks so much for volunteering your time and skills at CCF, Mike.

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