Srey Latt: Concerns of overflowing culture

“What is the importance of culture? What defines us? How do you know about a nation or country? Is it about how we look? Is it the language that we speak? Cambodia has its own culture and tradition… but now, we are losing it.”

Our superstar student Srey Latt is passionate about preserving the culture of Cambodia. So much so, that she gave an impassioned speech late last year at TEDxISPP about the need to balance local tradition with the influence of other cultures. Hearing her speak in this video, you would never guess that Srey Latt spent her younger years living in extreme poverty, with little access to proper education. She is proof that – with a little help – these young leaders can absorb knowledge like a sponge, are capable of remarkable insight, and make us proud every day.

You can watch Srey Latt’s full speech below.


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