Praise for CCF’s Hard-Working Teachers

The education team gets together every month to highlight the achievements of the teachers at Cambodian Children’s Fund. By selecting teachers of the month, the staff wants to emphasize personal improvement and innovation while giving examples of the methods that work in the classroom.

There’s a modest cash reward for being named, but it’s the recognition of hard work that’s the main draw. In June, senior members of the education team selected Neang Sophea and Suos Sang Vat as teachers of the month. Here’s the reasoning behind the selections, as written by the education team.

Neang Sophea

Co-teacher of the month Neang Sophea (third from left)
Co-teacher of the month Neang Sophea (second from left)

Teacher Neang Sophea is a very skillful and well-prepared teacher who consistently uses a wide range of teaching techniques and creative and exciting ideas in her classroom. These skills and ideas have provided a very firm bond between her teaching and her students’ learning producing benefits for all concerned. She always tries her best to link her teaching techniques with the abilities of her students so her lessons are both accessible and interesting for the students.

In spite of a very difficult and challenging open air classroom environment (eg. working with fixed benches) she continues to be creative and skillful in encouraging all students to work in groups of various sizes as well as working more closely in pairs.

Neang Spohea plans her lessons very well, ensuring there are strong links between the various elemental stages of the lesson, as well as the progression from one activity to another making the lessons enjoyable and interesting for her students. She uses appropriate educational songs to play and as well as encouraging students to sing along with her assigned activities in class. The use of songs and asking the students to sing together in class makes the classroom environment a very happy place and enjoyable for everyone to learn in.

Suos Sang Vat

Sang Vat, is a high calibre and dynamic teacher. He has used his impressive teaching techniques and practical methodology to encourage the students to flourish in their study of English. This has resulted in a high quality of student learning.

Co-teacher of the month Suos Sang Vat (third from left)

Sang Vat has managed classroom participation between teacher and student very well and uses thoroughly researched online learning resources and techniques to establish an innovative and supportive learning environment within his classroom. His students actively participate in learning tasks and happily involve themselves in activities during the lesson. Sang Vat encourages his students whenever and wherever to speak English which is an impressive achievement designed to boost the confidence of the students in his class, especially with earners who find English difficult. The majority of his students enjoy speaking English during the entire lesson and try to involve the slower learners so the whole class can work together as a supportive team.

Sang Vat uses visual-aids, group discussions with mixed ability students, online exercises and quantifiable activities to enable his students to enjoy sharing their knowledge and make their learning more enjoyable and appropriately challenging. Furthermore, he closely monitors the quality of learning the students achieve through robust lesson planning in keeping with CCF’s education goals. He provides consistent commitment, initiative, support and enthusiastic motivation to ensure his students reach their full potential.

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