A lot of the work at Cambodian Children’s Fund revolves around providing the basic needs: food, water, shelter, education and so on. Almost every month there’s a special event at the Community Centre that fosters things not on that list, such as love, pride and family. The old adage of a picture being worth 1,000 words recently rang true when more than a hundred parents and their kids gathered to receive framed photos of the children.

The photos were taken by Scott Neeson, the founder and executive director of Cambodian Children’s Fund. He was on hand to distrubute the photos, which he shot during his daily trips into CCF’s facilities and the impoverished community. The kids looked amused – and curious – at how they were captured by the camera.

Many of the kids in the photos are dressed in their best clothes with big smiles. Some have serious expressions that comes with having to have grown up far too fast. Families huddled together to compare the photos with each other’s. It was a big community event where neighbors could catch up with eachother and children could play with their friends.

The homes of most of these families are lacking, with most of the buildings being little more than huts. Inside are just a few basic belongings. However, on the wall of these humble homes you’ll find beautifully framed photos hung prominently on the wall. These centerpieces will not feed a family or teach a child. We have other programs for that. These photos provide something that’s nourishing in a different way.

It’s worth every penny

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