Ngan Sokol wins CCF Teacher of the Month

Teacher Ngan Sokol has been awarded the CCF ‘Teacher of the Month’ Award for January, 2013.

The TotM Award is made for ‘innovation, new ideas and thoughtful use of resources in the classroom which engage, stimulate and benefit the students’. This is the second time the TotM Award has been offered.

The Teacher of the Month Award is given following extensive consultation between senior members of the CCF Education Team and also takes into account individual nominations received from Facility Manager’s and senior colleagues in order to include all staff who have a teaching role within CCF.

Ngan Sokol receiving the award from Matthew Higgs, (Volunteer Adviser, CCF Education Team).

Teacher Sokol has provided a high standard practice in recent weeks through his:

– ‘Energy and leadership in the classroom
– Use of I.L.T.; a significant improvement of the physical environment of his classroom with educational information and images
– Use of increasingly thoughtful methods and techniques in his direct teaching
– Innovative use of music to enhance the learning experience of his students
– Regular use of and active contribution to the new Resource Room at CCF4
– The sharing of internet research ideas with colleagues
– Much improved written reflective practices
– Demonstrating a relentlessly optimistic attitude within his educator role’.

Teacher Sokol receives this citation and grateful thanks from CCF and a $25 cash payment to recognise this important achievement.

* Photo: Ngan Sokol receiving the award from Matthew Higgs, (Volunteer Adviser, CCF Education Team)


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