Monthly News: Safe Learning Space, special monk visit and Volunteer Snapshot

Welcome to the CCF Monthly News update, where we look back at what’s been happening at CCF over the past month.

In this edition:

  • Safe Learning Space opens in Steung Meanchey
  • Buddhism for Education of Cambodia visit CCF
  • CCF students participate in Art in a Box Class
  • 3D printer donated to CCF
  • Volunteer snapshot: Meet Aimee

Safe Learning Space opens in Steung Meanchey

In Steung Meanchey, CCF students struggle to find a safe and quiet place to study after school.

As students reach Grades 11 and 12, access to focused study spaces becomes more and more important as they prepare for final exams.

Students’ home lives are usually unsuitable for quiet study as they are often overcrowded and unsanitary.

The Safe Learning Space – with a study lounge and a common garden area – will provide students with access to a quiet, clean location to study and do homework.

The beautiful new building is located right next to Sambok Chab satellite school.

A very big thank you to our supporters for making this possible:
The Fell Foundation
Rosy and John Sullivan
Ros and Peter Stirling


Buddhism for Education of Cambodia visit CCF

More than 1000 community members joined a special community education initiative this week .

Two of Cambodia’s most respected monks from the Buddhism for Education of Cambodia association spoke to community members about how to live with respect, peace and dignity, as well as the kindness and grace of parents.

“At the moment there is an increasing number of drug users, alcohol, violence and gangs in the community. It is good opportunity for the people in the community to listen the monk’s advice,” said Hoin, CCF’s Community Outreach Manager.

“It is not about economic or financial presentation but it will focus on keeping people living peacefully, and with dignity and prosperity,” said Hoin.

A big thank you to the Community Outreach team for organising this event.



CCF students participate in Art in a Box class

Visiting artist and author Valentina from Art in a Box conducted a very special art class for students at CCF last week.

The grade 7 students who participated in the class learned how to paint animals native to Cambodia by using basic shapes such as triangles, circles and squares.

The students also learned how to mix different colours to make backgrounds as well as how to add details to make their paintings more realistic.

Most CCF students who attended the class had never used a paintbrush or paint before.

With some encouragement and support, the final paintings were amazing and very inspiring to see.

A big thank you to the U.S. Embassy Phnom Penh, Cambodia for arranging Valentina’s special visit and the Art in a Class box.

See more pictures from the Art in a Box class here.


3D Printer donated to CCF

A big thank you to our friends from Pirate3D and Arc Hub PNH who recently donated a 3D printer to CCF.

The 3D printer will be used to print 3D objects designed by CCF students.

The first 3D design class started late November and finished up late January.

Students designed personalized key chains which we were able to print at CCF because of the donation from ArcHub PNH and Pirate 3D.

Thanks ArcHub PNH and Pirate 3D!


Volunteer snapshot: Aimee

With more than 15 years of experience in the education field, Aimee is spending the next few months volunteering at CCF with some of our youngest learners as well as our satellite students.

“I first heard about CCF through a friend of mine. She’d heard really great things about it. I wanted to find an NGO that was great,” said Aimee.

“It actually took me a while – I was going to go to Thailand and Vietnam but I couldn’t find another NGO as good as here.”

Aimee has been really enjoying her time at CCF and working with CCF staff.

“It’s all been great. I’ve had really positive experiences. The staff are very open minded and you can work as a team with everyone,” said Aimee.

“One little girl has learning disabilities and I’ve been working with her using communication cards and I’m showing the teachers that and they are taking it on board, and they are showing a lot of interest in that.”

Thank you so much for volunteering your time and passion to CCF, Aimee!

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