Monkey Dancers on national TV

Everybody loved it. The Monkey Dance, a dance based on a Cambodian legend called the Reamker in which monkeys fight evil, is a specialty of the boys from CCF6. Every time they brought their traditional rendition of the dance to perform on any of CCF’s stages, in front of any audience, be it friends or sponsors or visitors, their exuberance, agility, passion and the waves of sheer enjoyment they exude never failed to bring roars of delight from every corner.

When, under the guidance of their talented and dedicated classical dance teacher, their routine merged the traditional steps with a hip-hop routine of show-stopping vitality their friends whooped, visiting sponsors cheered in delight and the neighbours wondered yet again, “What’s going on in there!??!”” as the resultant decibels surged for miles around. This, thought CCF’s Head of Art, is too good to keep to ourselves and he reached for the phones. Within days the boys were donning their costumes in the studios of one of Cambodia’s most vibrant TV companies, TV3.

Under their studio lights and before a live audience the boys energetic and witty adaptation of this ancient tale was captured by the cameras and shared around the nation. If the rapturous acclaim of the studio audience was any guide, there were a lot of smiling TV viewers that night.

And that appearance led to our next news item ……

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