CCF Praised For Best Practice in Residential Care

CCF hosts other NGOs as an example of best practice in residential care

CCF is pleased to be recognised by our partner organisation as having best practice in residential care, providing a high standard across the board.

Fellow children’s charity M’lup Russey Organization, which works closely with CCF, was so impressed with our work model, that they invited other NGOs to see firsthand how the model works.

CCF was very happy to share our experiences with other organisations in Cambodia and invite them to visit the residential care facilities.

At present, 360 children of varying ages are in CCF’s residential care program living in seven centres. Children are only moved into residential care as a last resort when there is a vulnerable home situation or families are unable to take care of them, and they are encouraged to reintegrate from residential care if the family situation improves or it is safe for them to move home.

A total of 16 representatives from 11 NGOs. from across Cambodia visited CCF to tour the residential facilities and learn more about the program.

“We were delighted to play host to these organizations,” said Channoeurn Sok, CCF’s Country Manager, who oversees all in-country programs and projects.

“CCF’s residential care model not only provides a safe place for students to stay but a place to learn, to play and to grow both physically and emotionally.”

As part of the residential care program, children receive recreational activities to eventually build rounded young adults.

All CCF’s residential centres have also recently been inspected by the Ministry of Social Affairs to assess compliance with minimum standards on alternative care for children and received a very good rating.

Channoeurn Sok praised the work of CCF’s staff for their efforts in maintaining consistently high standards.

“Thanks to our dedicated residential care team who always do their best to provide the best care and love for our deserving children.”

By Kate Ginn/CCF

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