10 CCF students off to Global Youth Leadership Summit 2018

Students bidding for a place on the Global Youth Leadership Summit 2018 found out this week whether they are one of the 10 off to America

It had taken them months of preparation and hard work to reach this point and now they were about to find out whether it had all been worth it.
At stake were coveted places on the Tony Robbins Global Youth Leadership Summit
2018 in America, a five-day event geared towards developing the potential of young people.

Only 10 places were available for the CCF students sitting in a room at the Neeson Cripps Academy waiting to hear their fate.
Emotions were running high as it all came down to just a few minutes and a wait to see whether CCF founder, Scott Neeson read out their name as he announced who had made the cut.

Everyone had been through a rigorous selection process to be at this point, assessed on attributes ranging from attitude and academic studies to community work and performance as role models for other CCF children.
Now they were facing the final hurdle.

As the names were read out one-by-one, there were tears, hugs and looks of sheer relief from those chosen. Most had never been on an airplane before or travelled outside Cambodia. For those who didn’t make it, there might always be another chance next year.

Meas Kanha, 16, had a huge smile on her face after being told she was one of the lucky 10.
“I feel so excited,” she said. “It is a golden opportunity for me to join GYLS and learn something new.”

Fellow student Srey Net, 14, said being chosen had made her “so happy and proud of myself.”
Joining them will be 15-year-old Ratha. “I think it will be a wonderful experience. I will bring back what I learnt to Cambodia and hare with other students,” he said.

Representing Cambodia at the Global Youth Leadership Summit (GYLS), the chosen students will join teenagers from 23 countries around the world in San Diego in July.
Open to participants aged from 14-16 for the ambassadors, the event is designed to challenge and push them beyond their comfort zones with a series of hands-on experiences, games and exercises.

On their return, CCF’s students will pass on the knowledge they have learned, as they take the first steps to becoming tomorrow’s leadings and instigating change in the community.

By Kate Ginn/CCF

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