Let them eat cake: CCF meets the Big Birthday Challenge

Birthdays matter. If there are only a few in your family, keeping track of them can be relatively easy. If you’ve got a big family, remembering them all and ensuring that they are all celebrated properly can be a bit of a headache. If you’re family is huge, like CCF’s, arranging birthday fun on a suitable scale can be a serious challenge. And serious challenges demand serious solutions.

The daycare staff at CCF5, the Community Centre, have faced and risen to this challenge in style. Once every month there is now a Birthday Day when all of the daycare children and staff assemble, abandon the usual routines and give themselves over to making sure that that month’s birthday children have a day to remember.

There are gifts for all the month’s special children, songs and games for everyone and, most important of all, there is cake – made by CCF’s own Star Bakery – and fun for all.

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