Lessons Learned at the Global Youth Leadership Summit

Aug. 20, 2014 – Our students have returned from the Global Youth Leadership Summit in California motivated and ready to pass on new knowledge to their classmates. The week-long event, hosted by the Anthony Robbins Foundation, challenged 11 of our students to get outside their comfort zone and learn with students from dozens of countries.

Like the students we’ve sent in past years, they had an amazing time at the summit. In early September, they’ll apply what they learned for our in-house Annual Youth Leadership Event. This multi-day event, modeled after GYLS, is organized solely by the students for the students.

Here are some words of wisdom shared by our GYLS students (names have been changed for privacy reasons).

I learned to never give up. As you know, never giving up is very important. When you fail something, don’t give up. Try to do it again and again until you have success. Boupha

I really loved the one quote “It’s not how you are, it’s how you want to be.” It means we have to try to reach our peak and do our best.Punthea

Forgiveness is really important so you can stay friends. If you can forgive your family it’s really awesome. – Reaksmey

I’ve learned many things and have many magic moments, but the thing I love most is learning about being strong and stepping up. You are the driver for your life. You have to decide what you want to do and keep me strong. – Nary

I learned how to believe in myself and I just want all of you to believe in yourself also.Kanya


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