CCF Welcomes 2000th Child

Please welcome Kanika to CCF. She is the 2000th child to join CCF and now part of a large family that spans from a one month old in our nursery to a student in year two of university.

Kanika has a rare joy about her, as do most CCF children. Visitors are most often surprised by the unbridled joy of the children. What appears as a natural day for most children is a dream come true for the likes of Kanika.

Her biggest dream was to attend school. Now she is learning to read and write in Khmer and studying English, computer skills and art. If there is an optional evening class, she is always there, whether English or maths.

Her meals are nutritious and regular and she receives consistent care within a clean, safe and violence-free environment. The harsh workdays of scavenging are now firmly in the past.

That’s why our schools, facilities and play areas hold such unbridled joy.

Kanika’s mother remains an important part of her life and visits her often. While Kanika studies, her mother now has access to CCF’s medical care, subsidized rice, clean water, counseling and emergency services.

Kanika can study without the burden of knowing if her mother is healthy, secure and able to buy food.

Ten years ago, we began as an educational facility, with 45 children and a grand plan to grow to 87. With today’s integrated programs assisting the most impoverished children, families and communities, accepting Kanika as our 2000th child is quite a milestone.

The goal though was never in the numbers of children we serve but in the quality and integrity of those services: a student retention rate above 97 percent; an average absentee rate below 5 percent; a transition rate from high school to university of 100 percent; a maternal death rate of zero percent. That is how we want to be measured.

In all likelihood, by 2025 Kanika will be starting university. She has already realized her first grand dream and although she doesn’t yet know it, a whole world of new dreams awaits her.

Her dreams are what most of us consider the basic rights of any child. However that is far from the case here.

With 2,000 children in our care and a ten-year promise to fulfill, we need your help. Your support will ensure that children like Kanika have a chance at a life they never knew existed. Please help.

– Scott Neeson

CCF founder and executive director


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