How to Tell if a Nonprofit is Worth Your Support

We have quite a number of inquiries following the feature by Stephanie Wood in The Good Weekend Magazine titled Dodge City.

Stephanie spent some time in Cambodia, researching the stories. During her time here, we were fortunate to have her visit our facilities, see our schools and programs in action and experience CCF first hand. Stephanie now sponsors one of our children. Stephanie also spent time at our Child Protection Unit, a new initiative devised and managed by two former Australian Federal Police, Alan Lemon and Jim McCabe. Both served in Cambodia and share the commitment to better the lives of vulnerable children here. Stephanie’s story on her time at the CPUcan be found here.

The recent Good Weekend feature highlights the risks of dealing with charities that operate overseas. This is especially so when local government is under-resourced and lacking legislation to monitor Non-Government Organisations (NGOs).

So how can you evaluate an overseas charity? There are a number of independent evaluation services for donors.

Some, such as Charity Navigator, assess based on financial management, operational transparency, governance and accountability. This service is currently evaluating only US-registered charities. You can see Charity Navigator’s evaluation of CCF here.

Please take a moment to review our ranking (4 out of 4 stars and a total score of 65.5 out of 70). Then scroll down and see how we compare to “most viewed charities.”

Likewise, GuideStar provides an evaluation service. In addition to measurable criteria, GuideStar posts independent “reviews” by donors, visitors, and those with first-hand experience.

Please take a moment to read the 43 reviews left by visitors and volunteers. CCF also receives GuideStar’s highest rating.

Another option for due diligence, especially where organisations are providing care for vulnerable children, is to review the policies and practices. Does the charity have a “Child Protection Policy”? Does it safeguard children’s rights and are the operations transparent, community-based and visible?

By doing some research before giving, you not only ensure that your hard-earned money is being well-used, but you also help CCF. The informed donors and those with first-hand experience help ensure our long term sustainability and are our best spokespeople.

If you care where and how your donated dollars are used, then I encourage you to ask the relevant questions.


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