Hope in hell: a volunteer puts his CCF impressions in print

2010 was a busy year for CCF, just like all the others. But it was also a year which saw the arrival of James Weyers, a Scottish trainee lawyer, who wanted to give some of his time and a lot of his effort to CCF before life in the Scottish legal profession claimed his soul. Jim, or Jeem or Cheem as he was known, spent months at CCF, moving constantly between facilities and tasks. A self-confessed sports fanatic, he taught football, PE and English, improving fitness of body and enhancing fitness in communication for the many dozens of children he worked with and for. As well as the delivery of education he also helped in its design and took a pride in being responsive, constructive and effective in anything he was asked and able to turn his hand to.

Jim came to know the reality of the lives behind the children’s smiles and it stunned him; “(there was) a struggle to grasp the impossibility of these scenes; a deep sorrow for those abandoned to live this way; and overwhelmingly, a deep feeling of guilt over petty annoyances in my material life.”

Once back in Scotland and faced with changing gears and shifting into legal learning and life, Jim put his experiences and reflections about his time at CCF into writing in an article for the in-house magazine of one of Scotland’s most eminent and respected legal firms, Tods Murray.

In his closing paragraph Jim summarises his impressions; “Already the CCF circle is beginning to close. The taught become teachers at new CCF satellite schools ….the lost become leaders. Finally the hopeless have hope. From the enthusiasm, class and determination I witness in the children each day – at last, there is hope in Hell.”

You can read Jim’s thoughts by clicking on the link below.


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