Hong Kong University of Science & Technology make Science real at CCF

Science came to CCF’s senior students recently, when a group of students from Hong Kong’s prestigious University of Science & Technology spent two days running a series of short, highly interactive and engaging lessons on practical Science.

Before starting their sessions, the twenty Hong Kong students and supporting staff had a chance to learn about CCF and its work first hand. Divided into small groups and accompanied by smiling CCF youngsters as their guides, they visited the residential facilities, admired the bags and uniforms under production at the garment workshop, and sampled the output from CCF’s very own Star bakery. The group also had a chance to visit the multi-functional, ever-busy Steung Meanchey community centre. There, gently mobbed by the daycare and nursery populations, they saw the range of desperation that CCF works to alleviate, and touched the edge of the extreme poverty that marks the background and familial life of their hosts. For many it was a shock. But the visit was not about seeing, it was about doing. The shock of some of the morning sights was never allowed to affect the torrent of basic, practical scientific activity the university group unleashed on the sixty or so CCF students.

The teaching theme was twofold: basic, practical science and the use of the internet to source knowledge. With the former, a battery of experiments helped explain scientific concepts. For example, students studied and experimented the properties of air, with memorable small scale parachutes that were built and successfully (mostly!) trialed.

With the latter, tutored internet access helped the groups understand how focused and powerful web searches can be. These searches exemplified the wealth of material available to research. Realizing the power at the end of their fingertips, the CCF groups began to grasp how useful it could be in higher education — the next academic step for many of them. It was too soon to say goodbye. By then, the bonding between the visitors and the visited was evident and strong, and the final fun-filled session of dance and farewells was memorable for all. When the Hong Kong team filed down the stairs to start their return journey, they left behind not only knowledge but new friends.

A Hong Kong student said: “We took with us the feeling that we had met some of the most extraordinary people in the world.

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