To mark his 60th birthday, Cambodian Children’s Fund Founder and Executive Director, Scott Neeson is asking for donations to CCF in lieu of gifts

The campaign, which was launched on March, 18, aims to raise $60,000 in just 60 days in honour of Scott’s 60th birthday.

Donations will go towards ensuring that Cambodian Children’s Fund can provide specialised education and care to those that need it most.

From children with special needs to kids joining school late and young adults in need of guidance and vocational training. We want to continue to create pathways to education for children who have been considered unreachable, making sure kids like Srey Nich and Ratha* get an education – read their stories below.

Meet Ratha
13-year-old Ratha worked from a young age and when his family separated he took on the responsibility of providing for his three younger siblings and mother. For Ratha, survival meant he missed out on going to school.
That all changed when Ratha and his family came to Cambodian Children’s Fund. Our accelerated learning program ensures that students like Ratha, who have missed years of vital schooling, aren’t left behind.

Meet Srey Nich
Srey Nich, who has cerebral palsy, was abandoned at a hospital as a baby. Caring for children with special needs in Cambodia can be a struggle for families without the right assistance. Cambodian Children’s Fund received the call to help Srey Nich the day she was abandoned. Today, Srey Nich is thriving in the loving environment of CCF’s nursery, with early learning support.

  • To #GiftAnEducation you can donate here. Thank you.

*All children’s names have been changed to protect the privacy of our students.

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