From Hollywood to Cambodia

Our company has organized 2 groups with a total of 94 Talents, to join a volunteering tour to Cambodia these two weeks. We will visit children centre of local charity organizations, to play with the kids, gaming, singing and dancing together, as well as wall painting in a new school campus.

Some new-joined Talents asked on the reasons of organizing this kind of activities. There are several reasons underneath, with the first to build close bonding between Talents after getting along throughout the tour. Secondly, I wish that our Talents can understand more on love and caring, to understand more on the rich and the poor in this world, so as to love their lives, to treasure what they have and to live passionately.

We have visited Cambodian Children’s Fund. This charity organization was founded by Mr. Scott Neeson. Who is he? Ten years ago, he was the President of 20th Century Fox International, and was the CEO of Sony Pictures. Scott stayed in Hollywood for decades, famous movies like Titanic, Independence Day, Spiderman II were all produced under his leadership. Eight years ago, when he was in Cambodia, a friend of him told him to visit garbage dump in Phnom Penh. That visit changed his life, and he later decided to give up everything in Hollywood, and resided himself in Cambodia. At the early stage, he was only capable to take care of a small group of local kids; Today, his charity organization possesses 5 centres, providing education, healthcare and other living necessities to over one thousand kids.

What impressed me the most is not because of his volunteering and the achievements. It is his fluency in Khmer language, and his remembering of each person’s names and their stories during the visit to garbage dump. Scott does not only contribute financially, but devoting his life and time to help the community.

From Scott, we have not only felt love and caring, but his passion. He knows clearly the values of his life. When he realized that he is capable to change this world, he did not hesitate but to grab the opportunity, to devote unreservedly to change the world


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