CCF and Happy Football Cambodia Australia score a hatrick signing further partnership

It’s teamwork all the way for CCF and Happy Football Cambodia Australia (HFCA) after we agreed to extend our partnership for the third time.
CCF Founder and Executive Director, Scott Neeson, and Paraic Grogan, Founder and Chief Executive of HFCA, sat side-by-side to sign a new agreement to continue supporting disadvantaged youth until 2021.

Using football to engage young people is the goal and has proved to be very successful so far, encouraging participation in the game and teaching valuable skills such as teamwork, leadership and responsibility.
Last year, four players from CCF were picked to play for Cambodia in the annual Homeless World Cup (HWC), where they represented the country a in a 48 nations football tournament in Oslo, Norway. Another four have been selected for the national team this year’s HWC due to be held in Mexico in November.

HFCA has been taking CCF players to the HWC since 2010.
Opening up football to girls is another key part of the partnership, which has been enthusiastically embraced by CCF’s female students. HFCA hope to take a women’s football team to the Homeless World Cup by 2020.
“(This partnership) is very important for us,” said Scott Neeson.
“Not all of us can aspire academically and this sports orientated program takes them into an entirely new environment.
“Last year I was in Norway where some of our students who had been in some of the worse conditions were playing for their country and their experiences were unbelievable.
“They get to expand their horizons and meet with youth from similar backgrounds; they realise that it is not exclusive to them, that players from every country of the world represented there come from impoverished backgrounds.”

HFCA agree that working with CCF is a perfect match.
“Cambodian Children’s Fund is one of our most important partners because of the longevity of the partnership,” said Paraic Grogan.
“Having worked with CCF now for nearly 10 years we know that they are one of the most important NGOs in all of Cambodia. They operate to the highest standards, so when we work with CCF it inspires us to raise our game and improve the quality of services and ensure we give the best possible outcomes to the young people because CCF, Scott and the staff are an inspiration to everyone in Cambodia.”

Kate Ginn/CCF

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