Ending Dengue Fever in the Community

Hundreds of people – including Cambodian Children’s Fund health professionals, government facilitators, community members and kids – gathered en masse to help put an end to dengue fever in the Steung Meanchey area.

Many people in Cambodia are at risk for dengue fever, an infectious disease carried by mosquitoes that leads to headaches, rashes, muscle pain and sometimes death. In 2012, 42,362 cases were reported in the country and 189 children died. In 2013, the number of reported cases of dengue fever is trending higher.

To help combat the disease, the community was educated by the Phnom Penh Health Department and CCF’s medical team about the necessity of using mosquito nets and other preventative measures. Afterwards, the kids cleaned up the streets to remove potential mosquito breeding sites, such as cans, tires and anything else that can store water. Another area of focus was the large jugs families use to store water since many homes lack plumbing. Mosquitoes often breed in these jugs, but chemicals can remove them.

At CCF, the medical team is vigilant about spotting symptoms and acting quickly. Since Feb. 2012, health officials have dealt with approximately 100 cases of the disease.

“There is no death case in our area because we have sent them to the hospital on time,” said Dr. Pichenda, head of the CCF medical staff.

With the recent onset of the rainy season, dengue fever outbreaks become more common as the number of mosquitoes rise. The CCF medical team’s proactive approach will limit the harm.

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