Empty Lot Transformed Into New Playground

March 28, 2014 –

What was once an empty trash-strewn lot in Steung Meanchey is now so much more. We just opened the doors to a brand-new playground and the reception from the kids has been overwhelmingly enthusiastic. The only thing they don’t like about it is when their parents make them return home when the day gets late.

That’s high praise from the people who matter the most.Before this playground came to Steung Meanchey, kids in the area were playing in dirty lots, as motorbikes and cars would speed by dangerously. The kids made the most of it, but we felt they deserved something better and safer.

“The playground is an important space for the community as it provides a fun and safe environment for the children to grow and develop,” said Asha Griffith, the CCF volunteer coordinator who oversaw the project. “The multi-use court and equipment focuses on the specific needs of the children in the area- building up strength in their little arms and legs via lots of climbing, jumping, balancing and swinging!”

Building the playground was a true community effort, with kids doing the painting over a weekend and parents helping find recycled materials to use in the design.

The use of recycled materials makes this one of the most unique playgrounds in all of Phnom Penh. Instead of a ladder leading to the slide, there’s a mountain of clean and colorful tires leading to the top. Old pots and pans make up the music area, where kids can practice drumming for fun. The monkey bars and made of ropes. Big truck tires serve as a balancing beam. There’s also a basketball court, rock climbing wall and a large commando net.

None of this would have been possible without the Australian College of Physical Education, who also funded a second playground that’s still under construction. Their generosity will have a lasting impact on the community


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