Donated iPads Aid University Students

Oct. 11, 2013 – Universities in Cambodia open later this month for the new school year and the 30 incoming freshman from Cambodian Children’s Fund will be well equipped for the challenge. Thanks to the kindness of donors, all the students have been loaned iPads on a semester-by-semester basis to aid their studies.

“I think this will be useful to me,” said Ary, who was exploring the video lectures on the TED app.

The students have some experience with tablet devices, as some are available to teachers at CCF’s schools. This week they were given a crash course in the specifics of using the device. They also signed agreements stipulating how the iPads will be used. With applications available for a numbers of subjects – from English to algebra – tablet devices provide a useful supplement to traditional classroom teaching. Technology and computer training are some of the pillars of CCF’s education program, and these tablets further that teaching.

Every student at CCF who took the national exams this year passed and became eligible for college. Next year, there’s projected to be more than 100 students from the organization enrolled in universities. The CCF University Fund is accepting contributions to ensure that any child who wishes to attend university has the resources to do so.

The iPads were generously donated to CCF by NiQ Lai, Michelle Lai and Betsy Ross


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