Community Celebrates 10 Years of CCF

Jan. 6, 2015 – Hundreds of adults from the community came out yesterday to mark the tenth anniversary of Cambodian Children’s Fund with a party just for them. While it was a lighthearted evening of fun, complete with comedy sketches, music and food, it was also an opportunity to give our gratitude to the families we work with.

Without the cooperation and support of the parents in attendance, we wouldn’t be able to achieve everything that we have in the past 10 years. At CCF, keeping family ties strong while addressing the problems of poverty is our priority. When we started in 2004, there was a 45 percent absentee rate for class. After working closely with families, 10 years later that number has dropped to less than three percent.

Entire families are committed to providing their child with an education that will lead to university and beyond. Going beyond just the family, the community is working together to make lasting and positive change.

One special way we celebrated the evening was by honoring the role models in the community. From young parents to elderly grannies, we provided these role models with a framed certificate and a large gift bag as a way to say thanks. Some of the proud winners were moved to tears by the warm reception from the capacity crowd.

From the opening speeches by community leaders to the closing ceremony, it was a great evening and the perfect way to celebrate our anniversary. We wish you could have been there to see it.


The role models of the community were honored at the party.

The community surprised CCF founder Scott Neeson with some gifts.


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