City Telecom make their mark

City Telecom, Hong Kong’s major telecommunications company has faced many challenges in its corporate life. It has also created many solutions. In areas as diverse as submarine and sub-street cabling, the setting up and running of international telecommunications services or the creation of what is billed as the world’s fastest residential broadband internet access, its staff have proved their worth, time and again. Their efficacy shows that competence, professionalism and drive make a consistent problem-beating combination.

So when 94 City Telecom staff came to Cambodia to experience CCF and to put their many hands at CCF’s disposal, they were unfazed when presented with a novel challenge – to turn themselves into artists. The visitors, led by the company’s co-founder and chairman, Ricky Wong, came in 2 groups over 2 weekends. After touring and learning how CCF works first hand, they were taken to CCF’s busy Community Centre in the Steung Meanchey district, which was, until very recently, a dump and wasteland.

The City Telecom staff was faced with multiple blank white walls of CCF’s new satellite school and nursery developments. Their task: Banish the white and replace it with the light of myriad colours and patterns, murals and motifs. In short, transform the bland backdrops to the daily lessons of the hundreds of satellite school children and illuminate the nursery with painted fun.

Immediately, decorative ideas began to flow, with the paint flowing even faster. Working alongside CCF’s own eager and able student and staff artists, the City Telecom teams drove the blankness from wall after wall and replaced it with landscapes and balloons, trees and tigers, ships and even snakes. By the end of the short but intense project, the satellite schools and nursery were a glowing tribute to City Telecom and CCF staff’s work.

Was the trip a success? Ricky’s aim in bringing his teams to CCF:

I wish that our people to understand more about love and caring, to understand more about the rich and the poor in this world, so as to love their lives, to treasure what they have and to live passionately.” Was the aim achieved? As Scott put it; “The City Telecom visits were an inspiration to everyone involved. What started as a volunteer work group soon became a meeting of two families, each with a very different perspective of the world and both with a strong willingness to share their lives and experiences. Together they defined teamwork.

Not a bad outcome at all.

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