CCF Kids Create a ‘Happy Home’ for Neighbours

Downtime is precious to many students at Cambodian Children’s Fund, with school, family commitments and other activities keeping the kids very busy. On Sundays, typically a day of relaxation, a group of students spend the day helping those in the community whi need it most.

These kids created the Happy Home program all by themselves, and they manage the program on their own. Every week they visit a struggling local family to help spruce things up and provide a little care. Sometimes staff and volunteers come along, but it’s the young leaders running the show. Meals are cooked, games are played and the kids are cared for. This extra attention and care lets families know that help is available.

CCF believes that a generation of young leaders can make an enormous impact on the country. Seeing the kids take the initiative to help others is just an example of what’s to come in Cambodia.

CCF2_Happy home.Cooking at Phum Russey CCF2_Happy home.Health care 2 at Phum Russey CCF6_Happy Home _04 _August _13 Phearum & Bechai ding washing CCF6_Happy Home _04 August 13 _they are reading a story to small kids CCF2_Happy home. Take Photo with her family at Phum Russey

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