CCF Hong Kong Gala a Huge Success

Attendees at the Cambodian Children’s Fund’s Hong Kong gala dinner offered enormous support to Cambodia’s most impoverished families at the successful fundraiser.

The theme on Nov. 23 was “an evening with tomorrow’s leaders,” and the event certainly lived up the billing. Three CCF students shared their inspirational stories of fulfilling their dreams despite growing up in dire poverty.

Among those future leaders was Srey Mom. Years ago, she sifted through garbage with her family in order to make ends meet. Now, at 20 years old, she’s been featured on Poh’s Kitchen Lends a Hand on the Australian Network. In October, she was selected by the BBC to participate in the 100 Women conference in London. She was one of the youngest women in attendance. Now, she’s working to become a fashion designer.Scott Neeson, CCF’s founder and executive director, introduced the young adults to the audience before they told their stories.

“Our needs are still significant and we continue to receive the most impoverished and abused children,” Neeson said. “We still bring in the most in-need and at-risk children the same way: one by one. We teach, we care, we lead, we love and we turn the light back on in their eyes.”

Many individuals and companies pledged their support, ensuring that families in the Steung Meanchey community will receive top-notch care and services. Thanks to the generosity of donors, CCF can build another satellite schools, which will provide an education to the hardest-to-reach children in the community. Also, attendees provided the funding needed to cover four years of university to several CCF students.

Four corporate sponsors generously provided the funding for four key programs.

GE supported the Women’s Wellbeing Program, which will assists thousands of women each year to be checked for a multitude of disease and ailments that otherwise wouldn’t be possible. Ensuring that caregivers in a family are healthy is the best way to guarantee that children are able to attend school.

Credit Suisse supported Operation Rescue, an innovative education program that allows students late to an education receive two years of curriculum in one year. Many students arrive at CCF several years behind. Some have never attended school. By being so far behind, graduating high school was impossible. Now it’s possible for nearly 300 students annually.

VF Corporation supported EnGender Education, a specialized vocation training program for mothers who have children enrolled in CCF’s education program. Women learn how to sew and are employed at the CCF garment centre, where they produce uniforms for students and products for retail. The workers receive a fair salary, healthcare, paid leave and other benefits. They are also provided with counseling and classes teaching gender rights and English.

Hong Kong Broadband Network supported the youth leadership program, which develops the leadership skills of our students and prepares them to become leaders in their communities.

“We hope to continue to build on this strong momentum with the help and support of both individuals and the Hong Kong business community,” said Libby Vaughan, director of CCF Hong Kong


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