CCF Founder Scott Neeson Honoured with 2012 AHIMSA Award

CCF Founder Scott Neeson was honoured earlier this month at London’s House of Commons with the 2012 Ahimsa Award, presented annually to an individual who embodies non-violence and compassion.

Issued by the UK-based Institute of Jainology, the only criteria used to choose a winner of the Ahimsa Award is that the person “be the embodiment of non-violence and compassion” – previous recipients include Nelson Mandela and the Dalai Lama.

Ahimsa Day was started by the British Jain diaspora and has been celebrated annually at the House of Commons in London since 2002.

Ahimsa Day celebrates the central Jain tenet of ‘non-violence’ as a means to peace, positivity and prosperity, encouraging MPs, Lords and Ministers to discuss how current world issues can be considered from an alternative ‘compassionate’ perspective.

Presenting the award, Dr Mehool Sanghrajka, Director of Education, described Scott as someone who had moved from rags to riches by becoming the president of 20th Century Fox and then giving everything up again to care for the destitute children in Cambodia. Since starting a school for 45 children, CCF has grown rapidly and today provides education, nourishment and support for more than 1300 students and their families.

From the Jainology blog:

Scott Neeson’s two main statements in the course of the evening touched us all in the audience. The first being the relevance of the Ahimsa Award to his life and the award being the ‘most precious’ he had ever received.

The second statement that ‘I will not change my present life for anything else on this earth’; was awe inspiring, especially after the description of his life from ‘having it all’ as President of 20th Century Fox to giving it all up to be ‘the change’ and lifting children from rubbish dumps to give them shelter, clothing, food and an education.

Dr Harshad Sanghrajka gave the Jain perspective on alleviation of poverty and quoted the three Aces of Bhagwan Mahavir; Ahimsa, Anekantvad and Aparigraha and explained their relevance in the modern world. At each point he was able to compare Scott Neeson’s activities with the three principles.

To find out more information about Jainology, please visit the Institute of Jainology website here:


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