The Australian College of Physical Education works out at CCF


They came, they taught, they danced – that’s one possible summary of the recent visit of a group of 15 students and 3 staff from the Australian College of Physical Education. Another is that they came not knowing what to expect and not really knowing exactly what they would be doing but they applied themselves…

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Hope in hell: a volunteer puts his CCF impressions in print


2010 was a busy year for CCF, just like all the others. But it was also a year which saw the arrival of James Weyers, a Scottish trainee lawyer, who wanted to give some of his time and a lot of his effort to CCF before life in the Scottish legal profession claimed his soul.…

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Making a Splash at CCF


One of the few things that could be worse than a child’s death is a child’s avoidable death. Cambodia is a water-rich country and it would be natural to assume that the ability to swim is embedded in the population at large. It isn’t. Indeed, drowning is a leading killer of children in Asia and…

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An Eye to the Future; top ophthalmologist visits CCF:


Frank Billson has a vision. It involves the blind, it involves Cambodia and it involves CCF. Frank, Emeritus Professor of Ophthalmology at the University of Sydney and with wide-ranging international clinical experience, is a pioneer in procedures aimed at saving the sight of babies and young children. A particular focus of his work is on…

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Class Act Came to Visit


For a week and a day just before Water Festival, 25 children at CCF6 got the chance to take part in a week of photography and cross- cultural exchange thanks to the 3 strong team from Class Act who came to visit CCF. Based in San Diego, Class Act’s mission is to foster development of…

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