Young Women Begin Their Careers


After several years of hard work, nineteen young women completed the vocational and leadership training programs at Cambodian Children’s Fund. To mark the occasion, a graduation ceremony complete with caps and gowns was organized in their honor. For CCF founder Scott Neeson, the graduation ceremony was a bittersweet moment, because although they’ll stay in touch,…

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Bakery Vocational Trainees Ready for Work


Jan. 9, 2014 – Thirty students trained in the art of baking and cooking are ready to take their skills to new levels in their blossoming careers. The vocational trainees finished a year of study in Cambodian Children’s Fund’s Star Bakery and are now set for six-month apprenticeships in local restaurants. The happy graduates changed…

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From Students to Professionals


These three young women, aged 16 to 18, landed summer internships with a local travel company. This trio preparing for their next big step in life, so it was only appropriate that they were given outfits to wear while in the workplace. The ongoing transformation from impoverished children to independent professionals is a proud moment…

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CCF’s New Star Restaurant


As part of the successful vocational training program established by the Cambodian Children’s Fund, CCF recently opened its new Star Restaurant in June of this year. The Star Restaurant serves as further advanced training for the children enrolled in the CCF Star Bakery. At the restaurant, these aspiring cooks work for four months receiving invaluable…

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CCF’s Film Group


One of CCF’s primary philosophies with respect to its children is to provide them with the opportunities to be creative and then to nurture that creativity; outcomes of this policy speak for themselves. CCF drama has been aired on Cambodian national television; its equally televised Monkey Dance troupe have performed by special invitation at Angkor…

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Film Group investment bears prize fruit


It’s safe to say that anyone who spends time at CCF is struck by the ability of the CCF youngsters. CCF’s talent pool has breadth and depth. In 2010, an opportunity arose to test this talent, when CCF enrolled interested students in a 30 day basic film-making course. Run on Sundays, the course not only…

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CCF’s Community Vocational Graduates speak


Meet four of our vocational training graduates as they speak about their journey. Lorn Layhol I am 19 years old now and I come from a poor family in Kandal province. I had a brother and 2 sisters and I was the oldest in the family. I had to give up school when I was…

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