Celebrating International Children’s Day on the big screen


Celebrating International Children’s Day on the big screen. Over 550 of our CCF kids watched the Hollywood hit “Sing”. But this was no ordinary screening. Thanks to Universal, Legend Cinemas, Michael Chai and friend and producer, Chris Meledandri the film was in the Khmer language! Experience the excitement yourself in the video below.  

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Cambodia’s Hollywood Dad


Scott Neeson was President at 20th Century Fox International and was bent on continuing his career with Sony Pictures. But a trip to Cambodia and what he saw on the Steung Meanchey garbage dump turned his life upside down. A film crew from RT visited us recently and immersed themselves in the CCF community. The…

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Srey Latt: Concerns of overflowing culture


“What is the importance of culture? What defines us? How do you know about a nation or country? Is it about how we look? Is it the language that we speak? Cambodia has its own culture and tradition… but now, we are losing it.” Our superstar student Srey Latt is passionate about preserving the culture…

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Neeson Cripps Academy: A mother’s perspective

When a building can invoke this much emotion, you know that it isn’t only the bricks, the windows, or the tiles that are special. It’s what the building represents – a better future. Our thanks to Velcro Companies for making this future real. This mother from our community says more about the impact of the…

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CCF student Sophy’s TED Talk: The moralities of Cambodian teens


We write so often about how amazing our CCF students are, and you might think “well, of course they would say that”. Well, if you want unmistakeable evidence, here it is – one of our students giving a brilliant TED talk in English on the topic of teenage morality, in front of a packed room. Impressed?…

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Transformation Tuesday: Leaving Phnom Penh


“For me, right now, it is enough – but I want more for my children,” Phan Bopha. This quote sums up the dreams of many Cambodian mothers, but through sheer determination and hard work, Bopha and her husband have taken themselves from near destitution to an independent life in a new home in the countryside.…

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Video: This Is Home


Video: This Is Home July 9, 2014 – Teng Thary’s story isn’t unusual here in Cambodia. With few opportunities in the countryside and little education, she moved to Phnom Penh with her husband in the hopes of finding steady work. Life was a constant struggle, and even with both of them working in construction they…

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“The Wonderment” series features Scott Neeson and CCF


A video crew from The Wonderment filmed Cambodian Children’s Fund earlier this year as a way to get children around the world involved in the work that charities are doing. Just last month we stumbled on their video and wanted to share it with you. In just 90 seconds, the mission of Cambodian Children’s Fund…

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CCF’s Film Group


One of CCF’s primary philosophies with respect to its children is to provide them with the opportunities to be creative and then to nurture that creativity; outcomes of this policy speak for themselves. CCF drama has been aired on Cambodian national television; its equally televised Monkey Dance troupe have performed by special invitation at Angkor…

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Film Group investment bears prize fruit


It’s safe to say that anyone who spends time at CCF is struck by the ability of the CCF youngsters. CCF’s talent pool has breadth and depth. In 2010, an opportunity arose to test this talent, when CCF enrolled interested students in a 30 day basic film-making course. Run on Sundays, the course not only…

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