Transformation Tuesday: Srey Mon


“I’m from a big family with six older brothers and sisters. Things were always tough. There wasn’t enough food and we couldn’t study. One of my brothers had to move to Thailand to try and find work. “I was luckier. I am proud that I can now study with my friends at CCF and public…

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Transformation Tuesday: Addison


Transformation doesn’t only happen to our students – sometimes our supporters are transformed as well, like eight year old Addison from Australia. Her family sponsors Mony (ten years old) and the two have become close cross-continental friends. So when Addison heard that Mony needed help after a disaster, she sprang into action. “Mony and I…

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Transformation Tuesdays


Every day at CCF we see children who once faced bleak futures flourishing through our support and their own hard work. It’s why we do what we do. We want the world to hear these extraordinary tales and who better to tell them than the students themselves? Welcome to our new regular feature: Transformation Tuesdays.…

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