Drug addiction is on the rise in Cambodia and is rife in some communities. The effects of abuse ripple out. In the first of a series on the issue, we look at how CCF became involved in one case. Little Reaksmey is the innocent victim of drug abuse. He was born addicted to methamphetamine after…

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Helping Hands


Our work couldn’t be possible without the generous support of fundraisers around the world. People like Serey and Sokhanno Mao.    One day on his lunch break, Serey Mao chanced upon the story of Scott Neeson and CCF online. “Tears were streaming down my face. That someone would give up his life to help our…

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More than just a mother


Nhoem Vanniet is an incredible young man who has grown from an unassuming and soft-spoken boy to a bright and ambitious student and leader. He counts his mother Sor Aun as his biggest supporter and inspiration to work hard to achieve all that he can. Sor Aun’s journey hasn’t been easy, but her perseverance to…

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The world at her feet


Sovanndara was among CCF’s first children to graduate from university in December 2017. Read this incredible young woman’s uplifting story about overcoming hardships and remaining dedicated to your dreams. _____ I was born in Cambodia’s Kompong Speu province to a poor family who struggled to make ends meet. When I wasn’t working, I would try…

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International Youth Day 2017: what is peace?


Today is International Youth Day, a day when the world comes together to celebrate the role that our youth play in promoting peace and social justice. We asked some of our students what they think peace is. Watch the short video below to hear what they said.

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Fostering a better future


“There are eight people in our family including my mother and six kids. Two of the kids are my own, and my mother and I foster four extra. We live in two World Housing homes beside each other because there are so many of us. “Before we came to CCF things were very hard. We didn’t have…

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A better life for Granny Sang


Things weren’t easy growing up for Granny Sang. As a child, poverty forced her to work to help her family make ends meet. Education was an unobtainable dream. After many years toiling in the fields as a farmer, Granny Sang married and had children. But her marriage was fraught with trouble – her husband was…

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How a Hollywood Mogul Found True Happiness


This article originally appeared on the Lion’s Roar website. Scott Neeson found his heart—and life’s true riches—in a Phnom Penh garbage dump. Lindsay Kyte profiles the founder of the Cambodian Children’s Fund. Scott Neeson, seen here with Harrison Ford, started out as a projectionist at a drive-in and worked his way up to president of…

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Kite flying over Steung Meanchey


One of those mornings we will never forget. Just 8 years ago, the Steung Meanchey landfill was a place of human misery. In 2017, the same children who would once have toiled away collecting garbage instead come here and turn it into kites for a competition. Join Scott and the kids in this video, see…

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Srey Latt: Concerns of overflowing culture


“What is the importance of culture? What defines us? How do you know about a nation or country? Is it about how we look? Is it the language that we speak? Cambodia has its own culture and tradition… but now, we are losing it.” Our superstar student Srey Latt is passionate about preserving the culture…

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Neeson Cripps Academy: A mother’s perspective

When a building can invoke this much emotion, you know that it isn’t only the bricks, the windows, or the tiles that are special. It’s what the building represents – a better future. Our thanks to Velcro Companies for making this future real. This mother from our community says more about the impact of the…

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