Transformation Tuesday: Lika


“My parents moved to Steung Meanchey before I was born to work in construction, because they couldn’t survive on the money from the rice harvest in their village in the countryside. Construction was hard work but not well paid, and they didn’t have a home so they slept at different construction sites, always moving. “My…

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Safe at last… now the hard work begins


These two brothers, just 4 and 5, were found abandoned a few days ago, clinging to each other amidst the danger and filth of a garbage dump. It was like stepping back into a much bleaker time, when the Steung Meanchey landfill was still open and finding deserted children was far more common. When that…

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Transformation Tuesday: Srey Rath


Many of us will remember the excitement of trying on a school uniform for the first time, but for our new students at CCF it can mean so much more. It’s often the moment it hits home that their dream of getting an education is actually going to happen – a dream that their parents…

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Transformation Tuesday: Chamroeun


“I wish I had spent more time with my parents when I was little. My father ran away with another woman when I was a baby, and my mother had to move to Phnom Penh to find work to earn money for us, leaving me in the countryside with my grandparents. But there wasn’t much…

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Happy World Teachers’ Day!


“Education is a very powerful weapon. Not only can it change the lives of poor kids, but it can change their families, their community, their country and even their world.” We agree with our superstar teacher, Phay Sophat. Education is indeed a weapon, and our 70 strong army of teachers are at the forefront of…

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Transformation Tuesday: Song

“I was often sad when I was a little boy. My family were always moving all over Cambodia, trying to make money. My parents sold vegetables but didn’t earn enough to feed our big family. There were 8 of us, until my older brother got sick and died. I would make friends and have fun…

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Transformation Tuesday: Srey Mon


“I’m from a big family with six older brothers and sisters. Things were always tough. There wasn’t enough food and we couldn’t study. One of my brothers had to move to Thailand to try and find work. “I was luckier. I am proud that I can now study with my friends at CCF and public…

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Transformation Tuesday: Addison


Transformation doesn’t only happen to our students – sometimes our supporters are transformed as well, like eight year old Addison from Australia. Her family sponsors Mony (ten years old) and the two have become close cross-continental friends. So when Addison heard that Mony needed help after a disaster, she sprang into action. “Mony and I…

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Sovannry’s big breakthrough


“Finally I could do it and I cried incidentally, and so many people came to me and hugged me… That feeling was the best feeling ever.” Sovannry, 16. Watch this short video to find out what she did – we think it could make your weekend. Every year the remarkable Anthony Robbins Foundation sponsors a…

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Spotlight on… Teacher Rith


“If you want to reduce the cycle of poverty, education is the main way to do it,” – Teacher Rith. For the second part of our “Spotlight” series we want to introduce you to Teacher Rith, one of the many unsung heroes on our staff team. He works on the front line in CCF’s classrooms…

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Spotlight on… Sophal, family man


To celebrate May 15th – International Family Day – CCF is kicking off ‘Spotlight’, a new monthly series where we focus on the remarkable individuals who make our work possible, whether staff members, community leaders or volunteers. For our debut, we want to introduce you to someone very special. After spending years scavenging and struggling to…

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Transformation Tuesdays


Every day at CCF we see children who once faced bleak futures flourishing through our support and their own hard work. It’s why we do what we do. We want the world to hear these extraordinary tales and who better to tell them than the students themselves? Welcome to our new regular feature: Transformation Tuesdays.…

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