CCF on Scotland’s pages


CCF featured in the Scottish news once again when the Edinburgh Evening News, the Scottish capital’s most read evening paper, ran a major article on Scott and CCF. You can read it here:

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Huffington Post, “From Tinseltown to the Trash Heap: One Man, Big Change”


Original article: YouthGive contributing writer Matt Robertson shares his story from travels in Cambodia: Words from pleading voices ring out: “Scott, take my child…take my child to study, please…please take him!” These words still echo in my mind a month after returning to the States from my exploration through Cambodia. Women bring their children…

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Huffington Post, “Once Upon a Rubbish Heap”


Original article: This is not the story of a successful film executive who stumbled upon a scene more horrific than any from Hollywood’s most graphic blockbusters and decided to move there. Actually, that is the opening chapter — but only the first — in powerful ongoing tale of unexpected outcomes. In 2003, Scott Neeson…

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Daily Record, “I left planet Hollywood to help the poorest kids on the planet”


I left planet Hollywood to help the poorest kids on the planet Original article published in Daily Record: TWO days ago as he stood knee deep in the stinking mud of a Cambodian dump, Scott Neeson’s life flashed in front of him. He was once “Mr Hollywood”, a movie executive with a mansion, a…

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