CCF in Reader’s Digest France


The December 2010 issue of Readers Digest in France, carries a major article about CCF. You can read it here. Their iPad edition also carries the story, which is embellished with a short video compilation taken from CCF’s online material. You can see the online article at: and the embedded video compilation is at:…

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My Semester Off: Volunteering in Guatemala and Cambodia


Original article: YouthGive contributing writer Nate Parish shares his story from travels in Guatemala and Cambodia After attending my first semester of college last fall at St. Louis University in Madrid, Spain, I realized that I was not fulfilling the reasons why I wanted to go to college. In fact, I recognized that I…

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Huffington Post, “From Tinseltown to the Trash Heap: One Man, Big Change”


Original article: YouthGive contributing writer Matt Robertson shares his story from travels in Cambodia: Words from pleading voices ring out: “Scott, take my child…take my child to study, please…please take him!” These words still echo in my mind a month after returning to the States from my exploration through Cambodia. Women bring their children…

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Hawaii hears about CCF


A recent visitor returned to Hawaii with CCF still fixed at the front of his mind. Read the extensive article he wrote for the Maui Weekly to share his experience with his wider community.

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Huffington Post, “Once Upon a Rubbish Heap”


Original article: This is not the story of a successful film executive who stumbled upon a scene more horrific than any from Hollywood’s most graphic blockbusters and decided to move there. Actually, that is the opening chapter — but only the first — in powerful ongoing tale of unexpected outcomes. In 2003, Scott Neeson…

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Elle Magazine, “In The Soup – Meg Ryan”


“In The Soup – Meg Ryan” Elle Magazine I’ve worn a lot of stupid things in my day, but the hands-down stupidest thing I ever wore–other than the bib overalls and little blue blazer I had on the first time I went skiing—was the white cotton tunic and capri pants that I wore last year…

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