Inside CCF: A DiWeekend Magazine interview with Scott Neeson


“Cambodian Childen’s Fund: Founded by Scott Neeson in 2003. CCF is pursuing 65 different programs in areas such as education, health care, leadership, housing and economy. Today, CCF provides for 2,200 children and their families. The organization ranks amongst the best in the world when it comes to transparency and responsible financial management. CCF has…

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Montecristo Magazine, “The Cambodian Children’s Fund: A home for a home”


The Cambodian Children’s Fund : A home for a home. STORY: Jim Tobler Original article published in Montecristo Magazine: Scott Neeson was on a short vacation, having left his job as head of Twentieth Century Fox film studio, and about take over the reins at another studio, Sony. He made a stop in Phnom…

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South China Morning Post: True Grit


The South China Morning Post featured CCF founder and executive director Scott Neeson – along with some of the people CCF has helped – in its latest weekend magazine. Read the article to get an in-depth look at how CCF is turning its students into leaders, while also benefiting the community as a whole. View…

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The New Yorker, “TOMS for houses”


TOMS for Houses Original article published in The New Yorker: The first thing Pete Dupuis asked his wife and daughter after he got home to Vancouver one evening in October, 2010, was: Do you know about TOMS? Dupuis, who was in a down year of a thirty-year career selling condominiums, had never heard of…

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CCF Founder Featured in SA Life Magazine


Before Cambodian Children’s Fund founder Scott Neeson ran an organization helping hundreds of impoverished families, he landed his first job at a movie theater in Australia. A feature story in SA Life, South Australia’s largest lifestyle magazine, traces Neeson’s childhood to the work that’s been done to life entire families out of poverty in Cambodia.…

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CCF Founder Scott Neeson Featured in Weekend Australian Magazine


Check news-stands on March 23 for The Weekend Australian Magazine’s interview with Cambodian Children’s Fund founder Scott Neeson. You can also read the article online. The media in Scott’s home country is starting to realise that there is something truly remarkable going on over here. In the 9 years since Scott left his Hollywood life…

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