Whose Shoes? Dark problem gets a colourful solution.


Generosity is a wonderful thing and the generosity of Toms Shoes is, in their gifts of shoes, almost boundless. In conjunction with CCF’s teams of distributors, groups of CCF students who routinely head into surrounding villages and the countryside to fit and hand them out, Toms has put many thousands of shoes, simple and elegant…

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Hong Kong University of Science & Technology Connects with CCF


Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, which recently celebrated its 20th anniversary, is proud of its unique approach to the delivery of education. With a growing reputation for its contributions in the fields of science, technology and management it also has a unique approach to involvement and a distinctly global outlook. Its expression of…

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Packed in Poland: Direct delivery of medical supplies


Michal & Dorota, from Poland, became aware of CCF and its work only a few months ago, while they were planning a long dreamed of and saved for trip to South East Asia. What they learned made them determined to do what they could to help. They knew that medical supplies are always needed and…

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Making a Splash at CCF

One of the few things that could be worse than a child’s death is a child’s avoidable death. Cambodia is a water-rich country and it would be natural to assume that the ability to swim is embedded in the population at large. It isn’t. Indeed, drowning is a leading killer of children in Asia and…

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Computers from Scotland grace CCF’s desks


CCF has a multitude of functions and a myriad tasks. It has education to design and conduct, medicine to find and administer, children to care for and family data to record. It has to seek, and find and transmit information and emails, letters and lists and it has to do it all well and fast.…

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The Prem Rawat Foundation Continues its support for CCF


CCF is thrilled to announce that The Prem Rawat Foundation has renewed their commitment to our nutrition program with a grant of $20,000 for 2009. The goal of the grant is to improve the health of the children and families in our care through complete and adequate nutrition and free access to clean water. An…

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