Elephant Branded Donates Hundreds of Backpacks


Five hundred students at Cambodian Children’s Fund have brand-new backpacks for school thanks to a generous donation from Elephant Branded. The ethical apparel company, which sells bags, wallets and more, is devoted to doing business for good. Elephant Branded is donating more to Cambodian Children’s Fund in the future, allowing every student to soon have…

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Direct Relief comes to Phnom Penh


Throughout the years, Cambodian Children’s Fund has saved lives thanks to the generous donations from Direct Relief. The organization has provided CCF with invaluable medical equipment that has been put to use in the area’s medical clinic. Families once accrued impossible debts due to medical problems. Now they have a safe way to receive free…

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Healing Through Play Therapy


The area behind the Cambodian Children’s Fund community center was a big mess on Saturday morning, but it was by design. Boxes, used to make forts, were scattered everywhere. Temporary paint was splashed on the ground, and also on some of the people there. More than a hundred kids were dancing, jump roping, hula hooping…

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Credit Suisse Supports Critical Education Needs


Credit Suisse continued its support of some of Cambodia’s most impoverished children by donating $75,000 to fund the operation of three schools in Phnom Penh. The schools, run by Cambodian Children’s Fund (CCF), were built in 2012 through a separate $90,000 grant provided by Credit Suisse. The satellite schools bring education opportunities where options were…

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TOMS, CCF Students Provide Kids with Shoes


Scores of children eagerly lined up this past week to receive a gift, but it wasn’t a toy, candy or the latest Angry Birds merchandise (a particularly trendy brand here in Cambodia). No, these children from the provinces were waiting to be sized up and given a pair of TOMS shoes. The apparel company gives…

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Sumner Redstone’s Amazing Support of CCF Continues


The Sumner M. Redstone Charitable Foundation has announced a grant of $700,000 to the Cambodian Children’s Fund (CCF), to provide a wide range of critical health and educational services to impoverished and abused children in Cambodia’s capital city of Phnom Penh. This most recent gift brings Mr. Redstone’s total commitment to CCF to $3.4 million.Scott…

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Suisse Bankers Make a Mark on CCF


The knives were out for 22 Credit Suisse personnel when they came from Hong Kong to visit and work with CCF. The blades were not, however, wielded by politicians or journalists but by CCF dancers, enacting the mythical night battle between Monkeys and Giants in a thank-you performance staged at the end of the visitors’…

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CCF extends its satellite reach


Had William Shakespeare been alive, well and participating in Applications Night for places in CCF’s soon opening new satellite school, he might have found himself with food for thought. In his own experience, children tended to be seen ‘creeping like a snail unwillingly to school’. On that night, any snail creeping around Preak Toal, a…

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City Telecom make their mark


City Telecom, Hong Kong’s major telecommunications company has faced many challenges in its corporate life. It has also created many solutions. In areas as diverse as submarine and sub-street cabling, the setting up and running of international telecommunications services or the creation of what is billed as the world’s fastest residential broadband internet access, its…

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Hong Kong University of Science & Technology make Science real at CCF


Science came to CCF’s senior students recently, when a group of students from Hong Kong’s prestigious University of Science & Technology spent two days running a series of short, highly interactive and engaging lessons on practical Science. Before starting their sessions, the twenty Hong Kong students and supporting staff had a chance to learn about…

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The Australian College of Physical Education works out at CCF


They came, they taught, they danced – that’s one possible summary of the recent visit of a group of 15 students and 3 staff from the Australian College of Physical Education. Another is that they came not knowing what to expect and not really knowing exactly what they would be doing but they applied themselves…

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Latter Day Saints stock CCF’s Larder


“Could you use some food? We’d like to help.” The answer to Elder Henderson’s unexpected and generous query was, predictably, a speedy yes. A wish list was briskly compiled and dispatched and within days a laden truck pulled up in a CCF yard, heavy with sacks of rice, flour and sugar. Noodles, 300 boxes of…

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