Retirement? This grandma would rather work


This post is by Scott Neeson, founder and executive director of Cambodian Children’s Fund. What we do and what we don’t do: Little Dany here has no parents. She was living in such squalor than even my hardened senses would occasionally cause a wretch. Perched knee-height about open sewage and a small enclosure of ill-looking…

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Building an Oasis for Little Kids: The CCF Nursery Renovation


The CCF Nursery is a place for fun, games, laughter and some serious napping. We have over 70 children from 3 months to 4 years old who come and use the CCF nursery each day. They are bathed, clothed, fed by our dedicated staff and love to sing, read and play games. The nursery building…

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Happy Khmer New Year: Home for the Holidays


It’s early morning at the Cambodian Children’s Fund facilities and there’s a flurry of activity. Normally students are preparing for class, eating breakfast or playing with their classmates. This time it’s something different. Pickup trucks are full of rice. The vans are full of eager children. It’s the Khmer New Year and more than 1,500…

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CCF Medical Centre Finds a New Home


The CCF Medical Centre officially has a new home, with CCF Founder Scott Neeson and longtime fundraiser and supporter Bob Tufts officially opening the new building at CCF’s Community Centre in Steung Meanchey. In what was a very proud day for CCF, the new home for CCF’s Medical Centre was opened by Bob and Joan…

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CCF Launches Teacher Resource Centre


Today Cambodian Children’s Fund has taken another step forward in our innovative education program, with the launch of the CCF Resource Centre for Teachers. Comprising of three rooms, each with it’s own purpose, the Centre is a dedicated space for teachers to access information, tools and materials, prepare classes, stretch their creativity, learn from each…

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CCF Founder Scott Neeson Honoured with 2012 AHIMSA Award


CCF Founder Scott Neeson was honoured earlier this month at London’s House of Commons with the 2012 Ahimsa Award, presented annually to an individual who embodies non-violence and compassion. Issued by the UK-based Institute of Jainology, the only criteria used to choose a winner of the Ahimsa Award is that the person “be the embodiment…

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Cambodian Children’s Fund Wins Innovative Education WISE Award


Cambodian Children’s Fund’s education program has been awarded the 2012 WISE Award as “one of the world’s best initiatives in innovative education”. Cambodian Children’s Fund’s ‘Generational Change through Education’ project – which wraps community well-being around a comprehensive education program – was recognized for its “transformative impact on education and society”. CCF is the first…

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CCF extends its satellite reach


Had William Shakespeare been alive, well and participating in Applications Night for places in CCF’s soon opening new satellite school, he might have found himself with food for thought. In his own experience, children tended to be seen ‘creeping like a snail unwillingly to school’. On that night, any snail creeping around Preak Toal, a…

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Loan Refinancing Program Empowers Families


Domestic violence, child abuse, alcoholism and gambling: these are the harsh realities of life for the people of Steung Meanchey. CCF Director Scott Neeson knew these sorts of ailments didn’t spontaneously develop – there had to be a reason behind them. He invited the mothers of children in CCF’s Day Care Center to a meeting…

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EXCLUSIVE: Heather Graham Gets Hands-On in Cambodia


The kids are most certainly not all right in Cambodia. The city of Phnom Penh alone has almost 15,000 children scavenging or begging for more than six hours a day. “Some of the kids have AIDS or hepatitis or have been trafficked before they’re six years old,” says Graham, who decided that she wanted to…

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“Grandfather”: March 29th, 1923 to August 23rd, 2011


Colin Campbell Neeson, father of CCF founder Scott Neeson and brother Norman, died peacefully in Sydney, on August 23rd, 2011 at the age of 88 years. Simply known as “grandfather” to many hundreds of CCF children and staff, and to the community children around the garbage dump, he was the source and the recipient of…

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Monkey Dancers on national TV


Everybody loved it. The Monkey Dance, a dance based on a Cambodian legend called the Reamker in which monkeys fight evil, is a specialty of the boys from CCF6. Every time they brought their traditional rendition of the dance to perform on any of CCF’s stages, in front of any audience, be it friends or…

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